Special Event Security

PES provides large production staff to assist with every aspect of your event or venue.

Regardless if it is a huge crowded sports arena with alcohol sales, a celebrity hosted event, a rockconcert, a theme park celebration, a State Fair or special event or unique venue, we can provide the staffing you need to keep the crowds under control - the audience happy and we help keep everyone safe and secure.

We support every organization event and make it easier to successfully keep large events under control with our professional staff. Companies hire us to maintain their major events and keep large amounts of incoming people and crowds managed without confusion. We have been in the business since 1996 and we're one of the best companies to work with.

We've handled large sporting events, County Fairs, Music Festivals, Large Theme Park Crowds, Convention Centers, Basketball Games, Football Stadium Crowds, Small Event Gatherings, Gala events, Cosmetic Company Showcases, Modeling Events, Celebrity Shows, VIP Tours, Golfing Tournaments, Special Conventions, Parties, Special Assignments and much more.

If your event expects a crowd of any size and you need crowd management...

We will work with your planning department to ensure safety, security and management all work together to provide your visitors the best all around experience.

Our Event Staffing has provided security for every possible type of event and venue that you can imagine - and even a few that you can't. We work hard to make your next planned event easier, more safe, enjoyable and profitable for your company, agency or business.

We have been in the security industry for years and most of our staff management have been in Law Enforcement with various degrees in security detail and have an eye for the small little details that can escape other companies.