Commercial Property

Shopping Center Management

If you need to hammer a nail you don’t use a saw and if you need to tighten a bolt you don’t use a shovel. The same concept is true when it comes to real time reporting for different industries and types of properties

Not all properties are created equal and therefore cannot be patrolled and reported on the same. We have taken the time and initiative to get to know the nut and bolts of industries we service. Only then are we able to understand the key issues that effect shopping centers and then provide the solutions that help save you time and multiple impact dollars.

We have taken the same core principles that we have successfully applied in HOA, residential, and commercial properties and customized them for the security issues of the shopping center industry and have become the experts and understand shopping center security better than any other security company.

Some highlights include:

We afford you the opportunity to shine during corporate inspections and audits with a wide variety of PDFs, spreadsheets, graphs, charts and reports that encompass all aspects of parking, maintenance, safety, liability and security at your shopping center

Using our program at your shopping center gives you more than asset protection, it gives you specialized ambassadors on site that understand quality of life issues as they relate to the shopping center environment and what it takes to be successful in today’s highly competitive market.