Parking Management

24 Hour Parking - Resident and Space Management

Did you know that parking is a 24-hour business? Every single car on the road today has one destination in common – they are all heading to a parking spot! But most apartments were built to generate max revenue space, not parking spaces so here’s the conundrum:

You finally get your occupancy level to 95.5 but then lease renewals drop because of space issues:

Economics and families living together bring more cars to the same amount of parking space. Simultaneously changes in towing laws protect residents that are in violation of the community parking rules making managing space and vehicles extremely difficult!

And with more and more cars on the road every day, parking spaces are becoming increasingly hard to manage and maintain. With so many increasing issues now you can see why parking is a $29 billion a year industry!

So how do you manage or solve these issues? Have the leasing team deliver a, “All’s well with plenty of parking” message to get your occupancy bonus anyway? Hope someone on the team is really good with a spreadsheet and simultaneously managing resident, visitor, garage, vendor permits and space assignments?

We have a better, proven solution based on over 25 years of experience. If you have problems with:

Then our proven parking program is right for you and can increase occupancy, deliver on promises made to prospects and residents and improve the bottom line.